Interested in Membership at our congregation ?

Membership at The Way is like becoming part of a family - your spiritual family! At this congregation, all members must be at least 18 years old, and attend the congregation regularly.



I. Have you asked yourself, "Is Congregational Membership Biblical"?

If this is a question you are thinking about, please see a short paper on this matter in pdf here.



II. Before Deciding to become a member, please review these pages on our website:

        a) Our Beliefs    b) FAQ    c) Mission & Vision

d) While not required, you like to watch these video classes:

    (i) Intro to Messianic Judaism
    (ii) The Sabbath:  Part 1
                               Part 2
(iii) Passover Seder Class




III. Ready to Apply for Membership?

Here is the process:  


1. Read Messianic Discipleship by Sam Nadler. Its a small headstart book explaining Messianic Judaism. You can get it in Paperback or Kindle on Amazon here - or - download a free pdf of the book here 


2. Listen to the free 5 part series Messianic Judaism Audio Classes.

Each audio (mp3) is about 25 minutes. The classes are:

    - Mission, Values, and the Great Divide

    - Who is Yeshua?

    - Synagogue Life

    - Integrity with God and Man

    - Being Part of the Community of Faith

The classes may be downloaded from Google Drive here


3. Download a Membership Application form here


4. Set an appointment with the senior leader at the shul to discuss your application.


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