The Mission & Vision of Kehilath HaDerekh

Excerpted from the Mission Statement in our Constitution & By-Laws


"Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained; but happy is he that keeps the Torah." - Prov. 29:18
Kehilath HaDerekh is a Jewish community that affirms Yeshua of Nazareth as the promised Messiah of God for Israel and all nations. Our mission is to share Torah and the reality of the Besora (Gospel) - to Jewish people first, and then also to the nations (Rom.1:16).

Kehilath HaDerekh primarily exists (Rom. 1:16) to call the Jewish people/community back to God and Torah
(divine instruction/word of God) in light of the Good News of Messiah, and as such to be a community where people may come and fulfill their own spiritual journey / calling / service. We also appeal to, and serve, both the greater Jewish and Christian communities - the latter (i.e. the Christian community) in support, brotherhood and blessing of their efforts (where and as we can) and to educate them concerning Israel, the Jewish people and the Jewish roots for their own faith.

To the Jewish community, we seek to show how our message & mission fits into the greater community at large and God’s best for the Jewish people. Lastly, we aspire as a community in our workplaces, social outlets, professional and personal relationships and with most of all, family, to allow our daily lives to impact others as a source of care and good will as well as allowing our spiritual awareness and witness to testify of God’s love and His Messiah. Below are the activities, or steps, that guide Kehilath HaDerekh as we seek to achieve our stated objectives.

Activities (Steps)
1. To foster spiritual growth of Jewish people, and those non-Jewish people who are called and share our vision and purposes through worship, instruction, community life, and by mutual accountability of those who profess belief in Yeshua the Messiah and/or those who are led into our sphere.
2. To promote unity between Jews and non-Jews whose aspirations are of the things of God in our shared common belief in Yeshua’s Messiahship. As such, Kehilath HaDerekh recognizes its relationship to the body of Messiah. Our own personal efforts will be consistent with Messiah’s purposes as we seek through our practical and financial support to have active participation in spiritual ventures that share the vision and values of Kehilath HaDerekh.
3. Kehilath HaDerekh aspires seeks to bring into our world the reality of God through the value of the gifts of the Spirit, and all of God’s supernatural disclosure in our world. As our goal is towards the Jewish people in the New York City Metropolitan area, any and all expressions of God’s power manifested will be done in a culturally relevant and responsible manner. This is the foundation of our own call for outreach toward the Jewish people.
4. To uphold and promote the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam (restoration of the world). The activity of this congregation, and its individual members, will be consistent with the values of Tikkun Olam. Thus, as we await the imminent return of the Messiah, should he tarry, Kehilath HaDerekh upholds such human endeavors in the spheres of medicine, the arts, politics, humanitarian endeavors, and all such society-building efforts through human efforts that promote and uphold the glory of God. Therefore, we will participate in various community and citywide activities to promote this part of our calling, mission, and purpose.
5. Kehilath HaDerekh will also seek to provide a strong Messianic Jewish education to the families, children, and all
attendees of our congregation. As a Messianic Jewish congregation, we will seek to uphold the highest Biblical standards, while being teachers of Jewish life. We recognize the need to provide Jewish teaching to a people whose culture and heritage is rich and full of depth. We also recognize that Jewish people have a desire to educate each generation with Jewish values, and maintain who they are in our present world.
6. To foster a relationship with the Jewish community at large. Kehilath HaDerekh not only recognizes our relationship to the greater body of Yeshua, but we also recognize our relationship to our “kinsmen according to the flesh.” As such, our purpose is twofold:

1) To share the good news of Yeshua with the Jewish community, “to the Jew first” (Rom. 1:16) and ,

2) To be active participants in the Jewish life of our area. Kehilath HaDerekh will promote the values and ethos of Jewish life, centered upon the centrality of our faith in Yeshua the Messiah.

7. To uphold the tension of our unique identities as “new creations” in Messiah, and as human beings who share with all people the common human experience in all its joy, sorrows, pain, hopes, and delights. Thus, we seek to maintain and teach the Biblical standard of separation from societal ills, while upholding our commitment to a culture-engaging faith.

Foundation and Distinctive Emphasis

Kehilath HaDerekh shall exist to help future the cause of “t’shuvah” (return) for Jewish people, guiding them back into their relationship with the God of Israel through his Messiah, who we believe to be Yeshua Ha Nazeret. We also exist to show other Jewish people that believing in Yeshua is consistent with being a Jew (e.g. living a Jewish lifestyle) and is also part-and-parcel with the realities of today’s world and the lifestyles that accompany it:

I. Kehilath HaDerekh is part of the universal body of Messiah. Our faith and congregation are founded upon the
teaching of Israel’s prophets, sh'lichim (apostles), and of course the teaching of the Messiah Himself, being the chief “cornerstone” of our faith (Luke 21:44, Ephesians 2:20, 1 Peter 2:6).

II. Kehilath HaDerekh, as a Messianic Jewish congregation, shall preserve what we believe to be a unique calling to
maintain our Jewish identity as, 1) Jewish people and 2) to be a visible testimony to the Jewish community. This should never be to the exclusion of non-Jewish people, nor should it cause any division resulting from ethnic pride. In order to accomplish our purposes in our relationship to the Jewish community, the following shall be observed and emphasized:
1) Expressing supportive Jewish cultural forms at regular worship services.
2) Observing the festivals, holy days, and the Shabbat (Sabbath) of Israel in a Messianic manner.
3) Identifying with the Jewish people at large and opposing anti-Semitism.
4) Rekindling the understanding of the inherent Jewish roots of the faith in Yeshua, the promised Messiah of Israel.
5) To be a vital Chavurah (fellowship) of believers in Yeshua who are involved in the larger Jewish community,
(a) Tefilah (Prayer) – Worshiping God through Messiah Yeshua in the context of intimate Jewish prayer. Gathering
for Tefilah, Talmud Torah, and Achavut (fellowship). Developing Messianic Jewish services, materials and internet
websites for ourselves and the larger Messianic community.
(b) Kavod (Respect) – Respecting the inherent value of each individual, created in the image of God, yet utterly
unique. Respecting individuals in relationships, ethics, and spirituality. Respecting uniqueness of perspective,
creativity, abilities, gifts, and the practicalities of life.
(c) Geulah (Redemption) – Promoting our communal restoration through the Messiah within a Jewish covenantal
context. Encouraging one another, the Messianic Jewish community, and the broader Jewish community to live a
Jewish life through Yeshua.
(d) Chayim Yehudi’im (Jewish life) – Supporting one another in Jewish community involvement, learning, and
calendar and life-cycle events. Supporting Jewish life in the congregation itself, among Messianic Jewish friends,
and participating in the broader Jewish community.
(e) Gemilut chassadim (bestowing kindness) – Acts of kindness done without any expectation of reward.
Committing ourselves to personal benevolence and creativity. Financially supporting Messianic Jewish benevolent and creative organizations.


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